40th Anniversary Marine Corps Mermorial 26 August 2017
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Pikes Peak Detachment
Marine Corps League
May 2019
​​​​​​​​Pikes Peak Detachment
Marine Corps League
Commandant Steve Schwartz
Detachment Schedule
The Marine Corps League
Where the new Corps and the old Corps meet

If you served in our beloved Corps and received an honorable discharge then maybe you should thinking about joining us. The Marine Corps League has been dscribed as "the best kept secret in the Corps". I do belive that anyone who has earned the right to wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor ever truly separates completely from the Corps once their active duty/reserve days have come to a close. A membership in the Marine Corps League is a great way for Marines and FMF Corpsmen to stay connected.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

Here are three ways to get your hands on a application:
1. Click here!
2. Come to one of our detachment meetings. 
3. Semper Fi Magazine
 We always welcome new members; however, to join you will need to show a copy of your DD-214. We need to see this, we will not make a copy of this, in order to prove your elegibilty to join.

$41.00/Year - New Members
$36.00/Year - Renewals 

Semper Fi
If you are interested in becoming a Life Member, we currently have the Life Membership Dues Schedule is as follows:
Age Group       As Of January 1st, 2009
0-35                            $500.00
36-50                          $400.00
51-64                          $300.00
65-Over                      $200.00

NOTE: To become a Life Member you must already be a Member in "GoodStanding".